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Leading the Way with Small Groups

“Church” is much more than a weekly experience. Being the "capital “C” Church includes serving, giving, and engaging with God and others. A healthy, thriving, small group ministry is a necessary component to Christian community, but can be difficult to build effectively.

At Life.Church, we encourage attenders to grow, laugh, and serve together in LifeGroups. And at the heart of each group is the key to success—a leader.

Without our leaders, we couldn’t do what we do. And without a support system, they couldn’t do what they do. That’s why we focus so much on investing in our LifeGroups leaders.

Here are a few tips for producing effective leaders:

  • Begin with identifying and developing passionate and capable leaders. Finding your leaders can be a challenge because many will have full-time jobs and families. So focus on communicating how your church and community need passionate, qualified leaders.
  • Consistently encourage your leaders to step into their God-given calling as leaders. Don’t just create a spark. Fan the flame by empowering your leaders to lead where they feel called. Within reason, allow the small group leader to determine the content. Controlling the content can limit your growth.
  • Ensure your leaders feel prepared with the proper resources. Create a leader manual or training resource that covers the basics so your leaders can focus their energy on people and relationships. For examples, check out our LifeGroup Leader Training resources to see how we equip our small group leaders.

What we've learned:

Good leaders are the backbone of your small group ministry. Recognizing, inspiring, and outfitting the right people will help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible in the lives of others and the mission of your church.

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