How to Neighbor: Partner with Local Missions

At Life.Church, we’re passionate about being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us. Our message series How to Neighbor shows us just how to do that by reaching out to the lonely, those who are different than us, the orphans, and the poor.

One of the best ways "neighbor" is to partner with missions and charities in your community. One of the difficulties, however, is choosing which organizations best align with your values.

The Local Mission Partner Evaluation Guide is a great tool to help you make these decisions. Through simple ratings on categories like Stewardship & Accountability, Leadership, and Restorative Relationships, you can determine whether a partnership with a certain organization is a good option for your church. Use this tool to expand the reach and impact of your church in your community as you link up with like-minded charities and missions.

What we've learned:

The love of Christ—manifested through the local church—brings restoration to the world. Making wise decisions on stewarding our time and resources can maximize what we can accomplish in His name.

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