A Year at a Glance

When you work as part of a team, everyone has different things they're focused on and contributing to, and it's important to stay organized.

Many of our teams use a program called Basecamp to share project responsibilities. Basecamp allows your team to create projects, assign to-dos, and view calendars that overview the entire project.

For a less digital calendar view, one of our project managers found these cool entire-year wall calendars, and we've seen them pop up in offices throughout the church. Being able to see the whole year at a glance is especially helpful for those people we affectionately call "J"s—the Judging personality in the Keirsey, Jung, or Myers-Briggs personality tests. (Js love to stay organized, down to every last detail.)

Open Idea
There are web-based tools for organizing your projects, and there are also good old-fashioned calendars, planners, and notebooks. Use a blend of both to share schedules quickly across a group of people and keep important info close at hand.
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